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Please read before ordering:
1.) The cover will support up to a 2000 pound distributed load—YOUR TRUCK BED RAILS MAY NOT
BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THIS LOAD! (This depends on year, make and model.) You are responsible
for any damage to your truck and surroundings that may occur as a result of the load or how the
load is secured.
2.) Heavy loads placed on the tail section of the cover will cause the tail of the cover to deflect
downward and if substantial, the deflection will prevent the truck tail gate from opening and
closing with the load on top. This can be prevented by placing a vertical support under the
thicker edge of the cover tail or have the cover installed more towards the cab of the truck so
the tail section does not cover the tailgate. If the later is done, water will have access to the
truck bed through the edge of the tailgate
3.) Some trucks are constructed so that exposed stake holes in the bed rails will allow water to
enter the truck bed. This is because the cover does not cover the stake holes.
4.) Please let us know if you plan to place loads of 800 pounds or more on the cover. In some
cases, such as using a winch, additional hardware will be required to react the higher forces of
heavier loads.
5.) Plastic bed liners (the insertable type) interfere with the installation hardware and must be
removed prior to installation. The inside walls of the bed must be clear of any extra hardware,
plugs or attachments. In many cases we can come up with a solution for your truck bed so feel
free to call us.
6.) Special configurations such as the cab section opening up for front bed access will be quoted on
a case by case basis. The cover is designed to have many configurations and we would be happy
to work with you on your specific application.
7.) The Tail gate latch uses a lanyard that, when gently pulled, retracts the latch plungers that allow
the cover to be opened. The latches can be individually locked out by pulling the plunger
toward the center of the cover and rotating it 90 °.
8.) When closing the midsection or tail section of the cover, always make sure that the plungers are
engaged with the slots in the rails (rails come with the cover and bolt to the truck bed rails). For
example, when the cover midsection laid against the truck bed rails, reach under each side and
rotate the plunger 90° to engage it with the rail and lift up on the cover midsection to make sure
it is firmly locked to the truck bed. For the tail section, pull the lanyard to retract the plungers,
close the cover against the truck bed and release the lanyard. Lift up on the tail section of the
cover to make sure both sides are locked in place.

If the tail section is not locked in place, rotate the plunger 90 degrees on either plunger that is not fully extended