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10″ Dual Row Scene Light Bar


LED Watts: 5w

LED Quantity: 20

Total Light Wattage: 100 watt

AURORA is specialized in premium offroad LED lighting products. We have been working with clients from over 80 countries. Our product is with IP68& IP69K waterproof rating, certified with CE, IP68&IP69K, E-mark, SAE, RoHS, ISO9001 certificate etc. The lights passed many tests like Salty Spray Test, High/Low Temperature test, UV test, ball dropping test, high pressure, vibration test, etc. Clients are assured to get our premium LED lighting, as well as best service. Our warranty is 2 years.

Our LED scene light is widely used for mining, off-road vehicles, Jeep, marine boats, fishing boat ,workshop, heavy machines etc. The biggest advantage is very wide spread, about 120 degree beam angle. In this way, there is very big lighting area and vision.

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Aurora Scene Light Bars come with the same benefits as you get with the Aurora Dual row light bar. The housing includes an oversized, ribbed heat sink to ensure cool operation and long life.  It has an impact resistant GE Lexan lens.  Scene Light Bars use a unique lens and LED arrangement by incorporating 4, 5 watt LEDs in a small cluster inside of one large reflector.  This new design allows for a very wide light pattern of 120 degrees vertically and horizontally while still offering a high output from the same number of LEDs in a typical light bar.  Available in 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 inch light bars. Included with these light bars are 2 aluminum mounting brackets, mounting hardware, and a completely assembled wiring harness with lighted rocker switch for easy installation.


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