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Truck Models Covered

Renegade Truck Bed Covers are available from most major brand vehicles including later model Fords, GMC, Dodge, Nissan & Toyota

  • 5 1/2′ Bed

  • 6 1/2′ Bed

  • 8′ Bed


Renegade Truch Bed Cover Technology
  • Heavy duty latch system secures the cover to the bed
  • Easy installation & easy to remove.  No need to drill holes in your truck

  • Waterproof EPDM hinges

  • Truck bed cover top is tread plate with “Impact Black” polyurethane coating, the rest is powder coated black

  • Clean lines and smooth surfaces—nothing protrudes from the surface unless you attach something
  • Patented

Tie Down Versatility

The unique Patent Pending tie down versatility which allows you to quickly change latch locations for holding power where you need it. Threaded holes under the cover on the edges for more attachment options. Secure anything to the top including bike racks, ATVs, UTVs, etc.

Load Bearing Tonneau Cover

Renegade Load Bearing Tonneau Cover

UTVs can be attached on top if they fit on the cover. Foldable cover carries a distributed load of 2000 pounds. (Manufacturers do not publish load bearing capacities of their bed rails—especially aluminum beds so please use caution not to overload your truck). ALWAYS USE A WINCH TO LOAD YOUR TOYS ON TOP FOR SAFETY REASONS!


Our medium duty rated to 2300 lbs and heavy duty rated to 5000 lbs

This Is One Tough Truck Bed Cover With Endless Tie-down Points

With the unique tie down system employed in Renegade Tonneau Cover, almost any aftermarket accessory can be affixed to the truck bed cover.  Or easily design your own unique accessory and securely fasten with our tie-downs.

Renegade Tonneau Cover Accessories
  • Change the tie-down location for holding power where you need it
  • Secure bicycle racks and many other accessories to the top with stud nuts or lugs
  • Secure motorcycles, ATV’s and UTV’s on top
  • Secure all kinds of loads up to 2000 lbs on top

Renegade Truck Bed Cover Videos

Renegade Tonneau Covers Overland Options

A truck bed cover that will securely hold anything you need to haul, right on top, or underneath.  Our Overland Mission Ready Racks have numerous options for attaching recovery gear, fuel and water, lighting and whatever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cover water proof?2017-01-24T08:38:04-07:00

No cover is completely water proof (it’s not a submarine). This is because water can get in the bed between the vertical edge of the tailgate and the truck. The cover has a seal that goes around the perimeter to prevent water from getting between the cover and the bed rail. Some bed rails are not flat and do not engage the seal allowing for water to enter the bed in small amounts (from an automatic car wash for example).

How much does the cover weigh?2017-04-03T11:19:17-06:00

The approximate weights for the covers are:

  • 5 ½’ bed cover 120 lbs
  • 6 ½’ bed cover 135 lbs
  • 8’  bed cover 165 lbs.
Can I easily remove the cover?2017-04-03T11:21:14-06:00

Yes, just unlatch all four latches as you fold the cover and lift it off the bed. (link to Video of install and removal)

How long does it take to install?2017-01-24T08:39:04-07:00

About 45 minutes. This includes the time to take it out of the box, watch the installation video, set the cover on the truck to position it, and place and tighten the wedge lock latch brackets. Its best to install with 2 people. (link to Video of install and removal)

Is it easy to install?2017-01-24T08:39:39-07:00

It requires a ratchet or wrench to position and tighten six wedge lock latch brackets (6 bolts total). No holes to drill. (link to Video of install and removal)

How much weight will the cover hold?2017-04-03T11:24:37-06:00

Cover carries a distributed load of 2000 pounds. (Manufacturers do not publish load bearing capacities of their bed rails—especially aluminum beds so please use caution not to overload your truck).

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